The soul behind the site

Hello! Thank you for being here!

I’m a wordworker by profession and a visual creative by nature. In my time on this gorgeous cosmic dust mote, I’ve earned several university degrees, many gray hairs and a sea-survivor t-shirt. I was never too keen on that shirt, and I rarely wear it, but the experience initiated a shift into a more soul-centric way of being and prompted me to finally follow my creative bliss.

My creations are inspired by many traditions, by personal discovery, and by the desire to encourage and spread positivity. Through them I hope to share inspiration for a joyful life of appreciation in tune with nature, self and purpose—or what I call ‘living soulfully’.

The aim of this site is to celebrate Life and those things that sing to the spirit, and to offer designs and words that speak to the heart of the matter.

I hope you find something here that resonates, wherever you are on Life’s journey.

Thanks for Visiting!