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A feather-and-rainbow housewarming blessing symbolic of positivity, protection, good fortune and new beginnings.

Words of advice on living soulfully and making life a positive experience, for yourself and for others.

Known as the hand of god or hamsa, this ancient Middle Eastern symbol is believed to bring divine blessings and

A magickal moonlit greeting to wish fellow Wiccans and Wiccan friends a happy winter solstice celebration.

We all go through life’s learning process, and being hard on ourselves just makes the lessons more difficult.

The Buddha’s words of wisdom on how to overcome the negativity encountered in the unenlightened world.

Inspiring words of advice to remind you to stay positive, live soulfully and enjoy your beautiful life.

On the same wavelength? Feel a unique connection? An expression of love or friendship for that special soul who vibrates at your frequency.

In the stillness of a summer night, the dragons of your dreams take flight. A moonlit dragon design for seekers, dreamers and lovers of legend and fantasy.

The opening line from Tao Te Ching and the art of Johann Jokob Frey form an elegant reminder of the ineffable force and flow of life, of which we all are part.